The full cast of “Time out of Time” has been revealed!

For young people in Jordan, whose talents lie in performing arts, there is often one major factor that disrupts their ability to create: a massive lack of opportunity, within the educational sector, and within the working field.

In direct response to the needs and wants – such as artistic presentation, education and collaboration – of Jordan’s dance community, INTERNATIONAL DANCE ENCOUNTER AMMAN(IDEA) is born to support and promote independent artists and art projects.

After nearly 30 rehearsals, “Time out of Time: A Special Place” as a dance piece in progress will be presented to Jordanian audience in Al Shams Theater on the forth day of IDEA.

The full cast of ” Time out of Time: A Special Place ” is:

  • Director/Choreographer: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh
  • Assistant Director: Xiaoman Ren
  • Dance: Emran Alamareen, Daniel Issa, Nadeen Dabass, Kate Port, Ziad Hajir, Anas Nahleh, Oliveira Jara
  • Visual Arts: Golnaz Behrouznia
  • Sound Designer: Francois Donato

The images are taken by Mohammad Emad in Studio 8 during one of the final rehearsal.

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