Numen / For use – Installation


Tube is a new installation concept constructed of stitched safety nets which assume a form of a closed hose that pulsates and oscillates in the longitudinal section.

Tube – exhibition

Tube – design, prototype, and construction

2. Tape

Presenting a biodegradable Tape installation, produced from a new organic material which was developed over the course of five years in collaboration with a German manufacturer of bioplastics.

Tape – exhibition

Tape – – design, prototype, and construction

Berlin version:

3. String

The installation is based on production system of large geometric inflated objects. Since the physical behavior of fluids tend to make all inflates spherical, thin parallel ropes are tied on opposite sides of the volume, keeping them parallel to one another. 

4. Void

Void is sight-specific immersive, interactive installation. Considering the specific exhibition space, Void was constructed by suspension and side tension of flat sheets of technical textile. 

5. Net

Net consists of multiple layers of flexible nets suspended in the air.

6. Turf

Tokujin Yoshioka

Tokujin Yoshioka is a Japanese designer and artist. He is active in the fields of design, architecture and contemporary art, and he is internationally acclaimed for his works dealing with light and nature.

  1. Snow, Sensing Nature

Read More: Feathers fly around this 15 metre-long tank installed by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.

2. S.F_Senses 

3. LEXUS L-finesse

More of Tokujin Yoshioka

Wiki page:

Fresnel lenses make light curve in Arcades installation by Troika

What are fresnel lenses? A Fresnel lens is a type of composite compact lens developed by the French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel for use in lighthouses.

  1. “Arcades” – by Troika

Beams of light appear to bend into curved gothic arches above this illusory passageway by London design studio Troika.

More details:

Other Troika’s works

“Dark Matter”

Inflatable installations 2 – bubbles

  1. Juulia Kauste, Eero Lundén

Another Generosity explores the relationship between nature and the built environment, and how new approaches to architecture can help shape a world that supports the symbiotic coexistence of both. Another Generosity considers a structure that holds two basic elements: air and water. The simple structures are combined to create a visible and dynamic cellular structure. The inflated elements mediate between the natural and built environment. They respond to external and sometimes unseen stimuli, creating a new kind of experience, a momentary hesitation that heightens our awareness of our surroundings.

2. Fredrik Tjærandsen

3. Victorine Müller

Swiss artist victorine müller has combined the disciplines of performance, sculpture, painting and sound for the last fourteen years.

4. SKNYPL’s rooftop garden

Other bubble examples

large inflatable bubbles house ‘FAR’ exhibition at nilufar depot during milan design week

sci-fi elements + celestial references decorate HAYDON interior in china

Light Society, Whispers

Light Society is a collaboration between artists Aliya Orr and Sakchin Bessette exploring the intersections of art, science, and mysticism. Conceived as a series of extended experiments across a diverse range of media including sculpture, installations, video, and performance, their work seeks to generate meaningful engagements with altered states of consciousness, perception, and the magic of the everyday.

Bessette, co-founder and executive creative director of Moment Factory, has created large scale public artworks and multimedia installations throughout Canada and Internationally. Orr is a diversified artist whose most recent practice has explored the use of light as a medium to transform experience.

In 2016, the duo premiered their first official artistic collaboration, Altered States Of Light Vol1; a site-specific light installation commissioned by Hyundai Motor Studios, Seoul. Their newest installation, Whispers, will premier June 2018 at the International Digital Art Biennial, Montreal.

Similar work: Light Spin from Fernando Calzadilla