Harvey Moon

New media artist Harvey Moon is a creator of tools and machines. He works with emerging technologies finding new and creative ways of connecting people to the world around us. Using electronics, mechanics and software the works straddle mediums while opening new insights into our connection to art and technology. He received his BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


D-brane is the story of a creation outgrowing its creator. The performance is the culmination of dance, real time projection mapping and live audio synthesis. A software system was built specifically for this project allowing the dancer to have direct gestural interactions with the visuals and audio in real time. The dancer wears a tracking device and interacts with a suspended dodecahedron. The dodecahedron is also tracked and projected as it moves. An analog patch based audio synthesis sonifies the motions of the dancer using the live tracking data. HTC Vive tracking is used for motion tracking. All real time graphics, tracking and projection is done in Touchdesigner.


Performer: Kathryn Florez fullstopdance.weebly.com/
Director: Harvey Moon HarveyMoon.com
Story and Art Direction: Qianqian Ye qianqian-ye.com/
Sound Artist: Cullen Miller pointlinesurface.com/
Technical Support: Colin Parsons robot.yoga/

Video Production:
Cinematographer: Andy Hoffman andyjhoffman.com
Editor/ Assistant Director: Ian Colon iancolon.com/

Equipment and space – Obscura Digital