Angela Stöcklin

Angela Stoecklin grew up in Iran and Nepal, and has been living in Switzerland since 1979. Practices in music and visual arts led her to dance. She was at Arts school Basel, got her dance education at ch- tanztheater Zurich, and holds a Master of Arts BFH in Contemporary Arts Practise. Angela worked and still works as dancer with numerous contemporary companies and productions in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

Creating her own projects, that lie more and more also in the interdisciplinary field, she closes the cycle of her artistic background. Fixed choreography which dismantels a specific form as necessity in the due of a process, as well as the momentary re/acting Instant Composition as direct interaction and absolute presence in the now are parts of her interests and means of working. She explores the multilayered facettes of communication and perception and explores process-oriented approaches. She has created choreography, performative and installation pieces, short to evening long productions, solo and interdisciplinary projects, and does intercultural work.

In 2019 she launched the first Festival Instant Composition for dance, artistics and music in Zurich. She is dance and movement pedagogue, acupressure therapist and Taijiquan and Qi Gong instructor.

“ghosts”, (Spazio Ludens2)

In „ghosts“, (Spazio Ludens2) a dacer, a musician, a visual spacial artist and a light designer interact in different spaces. Inspired by each specific situation they playfully transform them in installative performances. You find yourself in the midst of dream and nightmare, dense athmospheric imagry and silent shadows rushing by. Well tuned compositions meet the chaotic, childlike scenes with eerie ones.
  • Angela Stöcklin (concept, movement)
  • Matthias Rüegg (spacial design)
  • Anselm Caminada (Sound)
  • Antje Brückner (lighting design)


on a white open field and a space continuously being structured by screens movement (Angela Stoecklin, music (Marie-Cécile Reber) and light and images (Jan Schacher) play and become entwined. They interact in multiple layers of tension between freedom and dependance, structure and limitation, and try themselves with the imposibility of communication. Reciprocal restrictions lead to breaking out and flight, mutual impulses to an approach, which allows flickering moments of synchronicity. Engagement densifies and transforms, and unnoticably perception shifts. The interdisciplinary performance „trans-form“ deals with in/dependency and control in relationships and encounters.


installative performance: In a circle, surrounded by more or less reflecting panels a game of view-point, eye-catching and relating increases towards a tumultuous chase between performer, light and sound.

SPACEnr1 floating

Light-apparitions dancing restlessly over walls and ceiling, plunging the space into darkness and light. A figure as secret tamer directs this play. Drawn out sounds put densifying atmospheres. Reflections, overlapping shadows, suddenly the face recognised in a mirror. Movement triples, eye is irritated as orientation gets disrupted and shifts. There is no story told, but many insinuated.