Olafur Eliasson: Take your time

An exhibition that is about the artist’s process and is at once a scholarly retrospective, an experimental site and a laboratory.

A attempt to create an all-inclusive, top, comprehensive, first, grand, laboratory, experimental, superlative, everything type of exhibition, showing a major artwork next to a loose sketch or draft for other pieces, in retrospect, eclipses the simple, captivating beauty and impact of Eliasson’s installations.

A giant, circular-shaped mirror, 40 feet in diameter and weighing 600 pounds, is mounted to the ceiling at an angle, rotating at one revolution per minute. The installation destabilizes viewers’ perception of space as they pass beneath it. Through the reflection of the gallery in the mirror, the piece actually adds light and space to the whole exhibition. Inevitably, partially also due to the weird and unpredictable layout of the rest of the exhibition, this room becomes the centre of Take Your Time. The slow motion of the ceiling piece, as well as its awkward angle that evokes the illusion that the walls bend, turn the gallery in a fascinating surreal-meditative space. Spontaneously, visitors lie down on the vast, hardwood floor and stare into the bright reflective surface of the mirror, observing how the environment distorts glacially. 

Mirror foil, aluminum, steel, motor, and control unit.

Dance Exhibition & Pop-up Books

From May 2018, Studio 8 has been preparing for a dance exhibition.

*Studio 8 is a non-profit company based in Amman, Jordan. It is a collective explosion of creativity, aesthetics and experimentation that unites dance and arts, within society in pursuit of change, dialogue, and innovation.

When we were researching for a dance exhibition, we came across Fu’s pop-up books.

“Although Fu’s books are motionless, their exuberant shapes, intense colors, and closely interwoven pop-up pages give the impression of being alive. Her themes are largely inspired by her personal experiences, but her art also embodies—and inspires—feelings of joy, sorrow, and curiosity experienced by all of humankind…Each of Fu’s pop-up books tells a story. She is a fearless wanderer who shares her wonders and helps us understand the world around us.”