Alwin Nikolais – Inventing Your Own Solutions

“I always seem to be looking for something that hasn’t been invented yet.” – Alwin Nikolais

Alwin Nikolais was an American choreographer. He employed lights, slides, electronic music, and stage props to create environments through which dancers moved and, more important, into which they blended.

Viewing technique as a means to an end, Nikolais did not ask his dancers to embody characters or emote, but to simply dance as part of the onstage environments created by his innovative costume, lighting and production designs—most of which he handled personally, in addition to creating his own music and, of course, choreographing the steps.

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Pepper’s Ghost

One of the oldest traditions in performing arts is the use of illusion to stage seemingly impossible features, like the Pepper Ghost effect. Magic has charmed and transported audiences for centuries. In the performance Peppers Ghost choreographer Fernando Melo collaborates with visual artist, Yoko Seyama, combineing technology and the use of antique elements like mirrors, reflections, appearance and disappearance to lead the audience on a rhythmic journey of contemporary images.

Choreography: Fernando Melo
Music: Dirk P Haubrich
Set and Light Design: Yoko Seyama
Costume: Jérôme Delbey
Artistic Collaborator: Shumpei Nemoto
Premiere: 11. March 2017 at Norrdans, Härnösand – Sweden

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Fernando Melo is a choreographer and director creating works for dance, theater and opera companies worldwide.

Rituals – Roberto Scafati

Francesco Aversano, Sofia Emanuela Cappelli, Vittoria Carpegna, Peng Chen, Laura Evangelisti, Leonardo Germani, Damien Nazabal, Morgan Perez, Giulia Pizzuto, Giorgio Strano, Prima Tharathep, Madhav Davide Valmiki

Part 1

Choreography: Mauro Astolfi
Music: Ben Frost, Peter Gregson and others
Set design: Marco Policastro
Costumes: Mona Hapke
Dramaturgy: Anna-Luella Zahner

Part 2

Choreography: Roberto Scafati
Composition: Dirk Haubrich
Set design: Yoko Seyama
Costumes: Rosa Ana Chanzá
Dramaturgy: Anna-Luella Zahner

Synaptic Motion

“Featuring a cast that includes two contortionists, an acrobat, a rapper and five dancers, “Synaptic Motion” makes Lomask’s brain sound like a pretty entertaining place to hang out.” — Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News

What does the act of creativity look like? San Francisco’s internationally acclaimed science and technology dance company Capacitor tackles this question head-on in the world premiere of “Synaptic Motion.” Conceived and choreographed by Artistic Director Jodi Lomask, this multi-sensory experience is informed by brain scans taken at the UCSF Neuroscape Lab to capture the mind during the act of choreography.

Media collaborators Mary Franck, Wesley Grubbs, and Johan Bichel Lindegaard have transformed this data and more into an immersive visualization of the creative process to the sound of Danish composer Toni Martin Dobrzanski and in a set designed by Erik Walker with lighting FX by William Brinkert. Travel through a larger-than-life neural forest experiencing memories, future self projections, and mirror neurons in action, while Capacitor’s unique cast of dancers, acrobats, contortionists and aerialists challenge notions of the creative process. Let them take you on a trip through multiple states of mind utilizing tensegrity apparatus.

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