Play by Alexander Ekman

Alexander Ekman

Karl Wilhelm Alexander Ekman (born 1984) is a Swedish ballet dancer and choreographer.

Ekman created ‘PLAY’ together with Karlsson which creates a unique bond between dance and music. Play was created for the Paris Opera Ballet. It is a dance music theatre piece that recalls the age of childhood. It is written and directed by Ekman himself.

Dance and Ball Passing

60 Person Ball Passing

48 Person Ball Passing

9 Person Ball Passing

Choreographer: Charles Moulton

Moulton is best known for his work “Precision Ball Passing,” which has been heralded as a landmark in the development of post-modern dance. Originally created for three performers in 1979, additional versions have been made for nine, 18, 25, 48, 60 and 72 performers. Precision Ball Passing has been performed around the world on a wide variety of dance companies, schools.