Artis duet’ : Golnaz Behrouznia & Fran├žois Donato

The duet has launched in 2018 several projects strongly anchored in the interactions between artistic vision, scientific knowledges and computer science.


Lumina Fiction # 2

It offers a biological fiction at the crossroads of art, biology and computer science.
The installation is presented as a cylindrical giant body in volume, structured in multilayers of translucent fabrics that match the exhibition space. Installed in the darkness, this body welcomes on its material the development of a world of virtual creatures into video images evolving in a sound environment.

ElectroAnima Experiment

In the twilight of the venue, huge projections on an invisible medium transcend the limits of the stage and make float in front of us the bright lines of moving materials or fanciful animated creatures, amplified by constants sound metamorphoses.