Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke is a German-born artist who lives and works in New York City. Haacke is considered a “leading exponent” of Institutional Critique. 


Sean Ahlquist

Sean Ahlquist is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan – Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. He directs the Lab for Socio-material Architectures, and is currently the director of the Master of Science in Digital Material Technologies (DMT).

Social Sensory Architectures

Textile Morphologies Exhibition




Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam 

Toshiko MacAdam is a Japanese textile artist based in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is best known for her work with large-scale textile structures, especially “textile playgrounds” for children, brightly colored net-like structures of crocheted and knotted nylon.

  1. Playground

2. Fibre Columns / Romanesque Church,

To know more: http://www.knstrct.com/art-blog/2014/6/23/playscapes-interactive-art-installations-for-the-kid-at-heart?fbclid=IwAR2L8e_qUbhj_FGtfMbLYIsvkbdcqK16HhhzSSya2oRSB4LzW5QFgVe9p2E

Tomás Saraceno


Tomás Saraceno is an Argentine contemporary artist whose projects, consisting of floating sculptures, international collaborations, and interactive installations, propose and dialogue with forms of inhabiting and sensing the environment that have been suppressed in the Capitalocene era.

  1. “Algo-r(h)i(y)thms”

2. “Sundial for Spatial Echoes”

3.1 “Stillness in Motion — Cloud Cities”

3.2 “Cloud Cities”

4. “Poetic Cosmos of the Breath”

5. “On Space Time Foam”

6. “A Thermodynamic Imaginary”