Pepper’s Ghost

One of the oldest traditions in performing arts is the use of illusion to stage seemingly impossible features, like the Pepper Ghost effect. Magic has charmed and transported audiences for centuries. In the performance Peppers Ghost choreographer Fernando Melo collaborates with visual artist, Yoko Seyama, combineing technology and the use of antique elements like mirrors, reflections, appearance and disappearance to lead the audience on a rhythmic journey of contemporary images.

Choreography: Fernando Melo
Music: Dirk P Haubrich
Set and Light Design: Yoko Seyama
Costume: Jérôme Delbey
Artistic Collaborator: Shumpei Nemoto
Premiere: 11. March 2017 at Norrdans, Härnösand – Sweden

To know more:

Fernando Melo is a choreographer and director creating works for dance, theater and opera companies worldwide.

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