Choreographic Process: July 4

Choreographer: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh

  • Location: Studio 8, Amman, Jordan
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Starting: 20:10 pm
  • Ending: 21:30 pm

Dance and Mathematics, while displaying many degrees of separation today, were both founded as ways of explaining and creating dialogue with the natural world.

Mathematics is present in dance.

If mathematics is a study of pattern, then dance choreography can be described using mathematics.

Geometry is perhaps the most apparent subfield of mathematics present in dance. Each dance has its own characteristic way of applying mathematical concepts.

Mathematics originated from the desire to use concrete relationships to better describe and explain the natural world. Modern clock time originated from the mathematical investigations into the relationship between the Earth and the Sun while the modern Gregorian calendar was derived from the relationship between the Earth and the Moon.

The relationship of the highly subjective field of dance and the pragmatic field of mathematics has not yet fully been explored.

Geometry’s inherent connection to the moving body has also been studied by several dance and design scholars. Most important among them are two German artists: Oskar Schlemmer, a Bauhaus influenced choreographer, artist, architect and costume designer, and Rudolph von Laban, founder of the most widely used notation system in dance: Laban Movement Analysis – a system of documenting a dance with symbols or descriptions based on the dance’s effort, time and space. Schlemmer and Laban both kept geometric ideas, and Platonic solids in particular, at the core of their movement and design philosophies.

Geometry and dance are fundamentally connected.

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