Ulysse Lacoste

A sculpture of interactions, accessible and alive.

Who is Ulysse Lacoste?

Fascinated by science, Ulysse explores the themes of balance, gravitation and movement. He graduated from ENSAAMA-Olivier de Serres and since 2002 has been developing his own know-how in metal, combining the ancestral skills of forging and brassware with contemporary and industrial techniques. The result is simple forms born of geometric games, mobiles with a point of balance that is constantly lost and found again, stabiles in tension where all forces cancel each other out.

He has collaborated with several science and technology museums (Musée des arts et métiers, Palais de la découverte, IHP, Exploradôme,…), created apparatus and scenography for the circus world, exhibits monumental sculptures and carries out performances in the public space. Sensitive to the nuances of their environment, Ulysses’ sculptures seek synthesis, are interested in abstraction, and speak of simplicity.

Project 1. The sculpture bellow is a special case of the Oloid, a mathematical figure. https://www.ulysselacoste.com/oeuvres/mobiles/les-rampants/

habitable mobile –  steel and cables – 2.4m in diameter  –  2012

Project 2. This project is called “Enceladus”. https://www.ulysselacoste.com/oeuvres/mobiles/encelades/

Project 3. the Movement laboratory, A moment of pure research and creation around the circle, at the crossroads of the worlds of the circus and monumental sculpture, this laboratory puts into equation the geometric trajectories of bodies and volumes in an offbeat workshop, an imaginary colloquium of utopian surveyors.



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